Helpful resources for family members of current and prospective students

You play a pivotal role in the success of your current or future college student. We're here to help you guide and support your student. Read on for helpful links, visit information, and how to get involved. 

Call the parent hotline if you have questions: 803.786.3856. You can also join the 家长 脸谱网 page for additional support. 


The best way for your child to experience 哥伦比亚大学 is a visit to campus. We can connect you with current students, 教授, and financial aid folks so you can make the most of your visit. 

位置 & 停车

Need help with parking or finding a specific location on campus? 查看线上澳博在线地图 或下载 可打印的地图


Enjoy your stay in Columbia, the heart of South Carolina. Ask for the 哥伦比亚大学 discount at the hotels below:


Experience Columbia’s natural beauty and dynamic downtown energy. 当你在这里, check out our Soda City farmer’s market on Saturday, take in an indie film at our downtown theater, or try out our buzzing food scene. 

连接 & 创建

I love the sense of community it offers for its students, faculty, and staff. Through this created sense of community, we can connect and create purposeful learning experiences.

— Dr. 艾哈迈德Aksoy

Assistant Professor of Communication


Small classes and 教授 who care.


Please contact the 家长 Hotline at 803.786.3856 if you want to get involved with any of these opportunities. 

职业生涯 Development Opportunities

This program provides parents with the opportunity to help students by sponsoring internships or job shadowing experiences. 

家庭 & 朋友周末

Volunteers will share their ideas to assist the 哥伦比亚大学 Activities Board and Office of Student Activities with planning these events. In addition, volunteers assist with registration and set-up needs on the day of these events.


The College holds different events, 比如录取学生日, 夏天取向, 和注册. 家庭 members are always needed to serve as panelists. 


Our volunteers answer questions, promote upcoming family events, and welcome parents to 哥伦比亚大学.

家长 & 家庭谘询委员会 

家长 and 家庭 Association members seeking an active role in the association can apply to serve on the 家长 & 家庭谘询委员会. The Council members are ambassadors for the College and meet twice a year.


  • 帮助招生;
  • Recommend programming activities for the 家长 and 家庭 Association;
  • 给 feedback about university programs;
  • Discuss issues of concern to family members;
  • Recommend content for 出版物;
  • Participate in campus events like 家庭 & 朋友周末; and
  • Assist with the recruitment of prospective 家长 & 家庭谘询委员会 members.
  • Who is eligible for the 家长 Advisory Council?
  • 父 & 家庭谘询委员会 consists of family members of full-time undergraduate students who are in good standing at 哥伦比亚大学. It is our intention to select family members who represent our diverse student population. In order to ensure continuity on the Council, members are asked to make at least a two-year commitment. 
What is expected of a Council member? 

家长 Advisory Council members are expected to attend biannual meetings. Council members will have the opportunity to learn more about college departments and services, as well as provide feedback on any topic of interest or concern to them as 哥伦比亚大学 family members. Responsibilities of council members include the following. 

  • 参与家庭 & 朋友周末. (家庭 of incoming first-year students will be exempt from this duty in order to attend activities with their student.) 
  • Provide feedback to the Division of 学生事务 staff concerning the association’s programs, 出版物, services and any other aspects of institution activity.
  • Maintain regular communication with the 家长 and 家庭 Association staff.
  • Identify and approach prospective council members.


It can take a while to adjust to college life, particularly if you're a parent. If you have questions about how to help your student while they're on campus, don't hesitate to reach out using our 家长热线: 803.786.3856.

家庭教育权 & 隐私法(FERPA) requires the protection of student records. If you wish to access sensitive academic and financial information, your student will need to submit a form (accessible via 考拉连接) granting you permission to see them.

阅读更多关于FERPA 以及它对你的影响.